Takin’ it to the Streets…er, Schools.

We are pleased to announce that the Eco-Thrifty Reno has busted out of Castlecliff all the way to Wanganui Intermediate School…

… and Wanganui High School.
At Wanganui Intermediate I am working with 18 classrooms to get the students thinking about using their own homes and sections as potential research projects for the upcoming science fair. The program is called, “The Science of Sustainability.”
At Wanganui High I am working with a senior level sustainability course to look at the Eco-Thrifty Renovation as a “sustainability initiative.” I have done two classroom presentations this week and tomorrow they come for a site visit.
If you know of schools, school districts, teachers or departments of education interested in high quality, practical, relevant sustainability education, please put them in contact with us at theecoschool@gmail.com
Peace, Estwing

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