Sustainable Shed

Hi, I am Jiqiao….
Nelson and I worked on this shed for two days from setting all the materials up to putting the rubbish back into it. I have learnt not only having the idea to reuse rubbish but also the damages caused by sun, wind, and rain. To live sustainably, we are supposed to maximize the usage and also, sometimes ignored in such case, the durability of everything. Though this shed is made of all second hand materials, it does not necessarily mean it could be casual and weak. The shed is designed to prevent from wind and rain damages in efforts as much as we can think. You could explore all these details from Nelson’s previous blog.
And I really enjoy the neat garden which used to be the following picture…I was looking at those piles and wondering how much painstaking work had to be done to clean them up.

Now we just play a magic! It looks much more comfortable. We also pulled out some weeds while cleaning them up. Most of iron pieces and wood blocks are organized and stored under the shed, and those rust or small pieces were put outside prepared to be recycled.

The cat is playing with bones on the ground~

In the winter grasses will be planted in the yard so that it will also turn to green as other parts of the yards. And other parts of the yard will also be as neat as this one! 🙂
And most importantly, I really appreciate this great opportunity Nelson provides for me! I will be on South Island next month and come back to have some more exciting work!

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