Disaster Capitalism

Disaster capitalism has come to Castlecliff – in a good (or at least opportunistic) way. While we have relied on heavy rainfall to flush firewood down the Whanganui River and deliver it to the beach in front of us (see Beach Logging), a big blow six weeks ago provide a fuel source even closer. I noticed that the storm had uprooted two hardwood trees just around the corner at the end of our block.

But hardwood usually means heavy wood, so I waited for them to dry out before retrieving them. After six dry, windy weeks I decided it was time, so Jiqiao and I headed out with hand saws and a wheel barrow. We cut the thicker parts into manageable lengths to get home…

… and dragged the branches down the street.

If you are looking for an example of the extent to which the Chinese are enthused about capitalism, check out the grin on Jiqiao’s face.

After two months of working with us, Jiqiao has finished his internship and heads back to China for the summer before returning to university in the USA. We will miss his enthusiasm, sense of humor and hard work.

Peace, Estwing

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