Early Autumn Update

Here is a bit of a photo tour of the property almost 2 and 1/2 years into our project… Oops, there appears to be a problem uploading some of the pictures. So, this may be an abbreviated tour, starting with the first wave of our pumpkin harvest. Here they are curing in the sun for about three weeks before putting them into cool storage in the back bedroom.

One of our Monty’s Surprise apple trees is producing nice size fruit in our duck enclosure.

Perhaps our last garden bed being prepared with a piece of plastic killing the grass, and covered with grass scythed by Xander last week.

Our front yard.

Wow, peaches in the dunes within 100 metres of the Tasman Sea. Free food!

The wasps have found the free food too.

Here is that amazing peach tree.

A nice harvest in our kitchen.
Blackboy peaches, Yum!

Sorry the other pics would not load, Estwing

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