Late Autumn Update

As we slide from summer into winter, we are saying goodbye to the last of our tomatoes and hello to the first of our guavas. 

We are almost ready for our first ever ripe tamarillo. Thanks Andy Dolling!

But no sign of our first banana. Thanks anyway, Hadi Gurton.

We do have some feijoas coming in…

… and finally chilies ready to harvest and dry.

Somehow I managed to grow the smallest Monty’s Surprise apple ever. 
I found some plants on sale last week, including grapes vines…

… passion fruit…

… and blueberries.

These NZ native trees I started from seed in the spring. 

The olives (15 of them) are all putting out new growth.

And volunteer alyssum makes good ground cover in a food forest.

After two and a half years, our section is more or less planted out with over 100 edible perennials and 30 -40 native trees and shrubs.

Peace, Estwing