Our Eco Thifty Life

I suppose it’s your typical boy meets girl story. Boy meets girl.


He woos her with his veggie garden. She woos him with her ability to tie a trucker’s hitch. True romance.


Boy and girl move to New Zealand and live in a house truck for a few years. Why New Zealand? We don’t really know. But it all seems to have worked out.


Boy and girl have an eco thrifty wedding. Oh my gosh was that fun!

Our house before and after

Boy and girl decide to buy the cheapest house they can find in a bit of a dodgy neighborhood and start an eco thrifty renovation. Two years later we are nearly done with that project and our little non-profit continues to do community sustainability education.

Screen shot 2011-10-10 at 7.04.14 PM

Boy and girl feel like they are winning at life; living their values, contributing to their community, being as green as they can…

and then BAM!

Boy and girl make a baby. It becomes much harder for them to do all those things.

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