2016 Permaculture Principles Calendar and Moon Planting Guide

“Internationally relevant and filled with inspirational and thought provoking images that support and reinforce your values every day of the year. Learn each of the 12 design principles over the course of a month and be reminded of suitable garden activities with daily icons and phase times according to our moon planting guide. Now with a rainfall / temperature chart.”

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Available in New Zealand only from The ECO School.

RRP: $18 post paid anywhere in NZ. Two for $32 post paid.

Bulk Discounts Available.

Available in Whanganui and Palmerston North at discounted rates for pick-up orders. Enquire.

To order, contact theecoschool at gmail.com

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“Organise your garden, your life and share your schedule with this deceptively simple but thought-provoking permaculture calendar – for your home or workplace. Illustrating one of the twelve permaculture design principles for each month, gives you the time to absorb them. Each example includes and image and story of locally appropriate sustainable living and design.

Including a planting guide that can help yield more productive crops and healthier plants by planning your garden activities according to the moon phases. Exact phase time changes along with daily icons enhance the traditional gardening rhythms that have been handed down over the centuries.”

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“The permaculture calendar is made from 100% post consumer recycled pulp on certified carbon neutral paper that is manufactured and printed in Australia using 100% renewable energy.

The calendar’s size and weight take advantage of standardised postage and reduced freight costs. Printing plates and paper waste are all recycled. Inks are vegetable based so don’t release unnecessary VOC’s into the atmosphere or require harmful solvents for clean up. Once the calendar has reached the end of its life you can recycle or compost it, hang the pictures, or keep it intact as a reminder of the principles and important events over the year.

While the production effort does a lot in limiting its impact on the earth and the people in the process, we’re also demonstrating the ethic of Fair Share by donating 10% of the net return from sales of the calendar to Permafund, supporting permaculture projects internationally.”

Peace, Estwing