AN ODE TO BABE. By Kelly Peters


From where you came, to us you shall be

You were full of curiosity and a hunger

A wondrous, funny little being to me

Accompaniment for all our working

An energetic walk and funny little hop

The run and race of the day, so eager to play

The black sheep of my herd

But with white lightning beaming atop

Up and down the hills your call could be heard

A yearning to be alongside us

To help and to nap in a warm quiet slumber

Of the garlic beds freshly mulched hay

Memories of one taken too soon

Whose energy shall be passed on

To the trees and the moon

In the springtime you shall bloom

With a blossom so bright to outshine and illuminate

You’re now among the clouds and stars

The Tui shall chirp and the Kereru quietly feast

A sweet little lamb, never to be forgotten

To be in your company, you were no beast

The tree shall bear a delicious fruit

To be enjoyed by all in your memory

For we all shared a great time

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