Mid-Spring Permaculture Update

Over the last 10 weeks we have been busy planting poplar poles, fencing off our stream and planting natives. There has been little time left for anything else. I did manage to get some tomato plants in the ground and sell a cow and two ewes. That is about it.

But when I went out for a walk yesterday with my camera I was reminded of a few other things happening on Kaitiaki Farm. For example, we have bantams and muscovies sitting on nests, and another pregnant cow. The poplar poles are budding and the peach and plum trees have flowered.Mike and Sophie and I ‘planted’ a living willow bridge a few weeks ago and it is keen-as to cooperate. In the autumn we will weave the suckers into a platform for the children to climb over.

We also had eight hives delivered a fortnight ago, and I noticed it is time to get onto the thistles before they go to seed. No rest for the weary.

And another 500 plants donated. Help!

Peace, Estwing

2 thoughts on “Mid-Spring Permaculture Update”

  1. Dude I don’t have huge amounts of free time. (Wife, Kids, jobs, my own gardens to tend too) but next Sunday 16th I can donate a few hours to help do odd jobs.

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