The Trump-Resistant Farm

In the process of developing one of the most resilient farms on the planet there was one factor we did not take into account: the Trump Factor.

So now, alongside resilience to climate change, resilience to energy price volatility, resilience to GMOs, resilience to earthquakes, and resilience to another potential global financial crisis, we need to design in resilience to Trump. Actually, all that means is that we need to double down on all of the above. Well, maybe not earthquakes.

Additionally, we should say that we love diversity within and among our interns. We would love interns of multiple faiths, genders and sexual orientations. Some of our very best interns so far have been gay, and we would have them come back again in a heartbeat.

Other than that, it’s business as usual at Kaitiaki Farm. Here is a late spring update.

We’ve had two swarms lately. This one took up residence in a willow tree.


The World’s Best Garlic looks to be even better than last year’s record crop.


The new black currant plantings are already producing.


Although some maintenance is required.


We’ve got lots of new arrivals.


And soon-to-be arrivals


Hopefully our new boar will figure out the other two pigs are lovely ladies.


Our Dexter is due to calf in three weeks, and her yearling calf can smell the milk coming in. Gotta keep ’em separated.


Our current interns, James and Oliver, have been hard at work helping to protect and restore our stream.


We put in some willow poles in the hope they will take even this late in the season and help stabilise this vulnerable bank.


And there is even a new sleepout / getaway for those so inclined.


Peace, Estwing

One thought on “The Trump-Resistant Farm”

  1. Good luck in making your farm Trump resistant. I guess you already have plenty in place to help withstand the shock he is bound to impose on the world.

    I liked the views into the valley. Amazing how half way round the world places can feel like home (i.e. the valley looks like one near me).

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