Growing Great Garlic

The keys to growing great garlic are these: start with high quality seed garlic; plant with ample balanced compost; mulch thoroughly; water as needed.


Bed preparation is similar to any annual vegetable crop: remove perennial weeds; aerate the soil; adjust pH as needed.


Planting is anytime between the beginning of June and end of July. The go-to date is 21st June. Here are some sprouts under a hard frost.


Harvest is between mid-December and mid-January. The go-to date is 21st December.


We grade it into three sizes: seed, sell and eat.


We tie it into twin bundles of ten for easy counting and easy hanging.


The Great Garlic Parade!


We hang it for three to four weeks and then cut off the tops and tails. It stores for up to 10 months.


Wait six months and repeat the process.

Peace, Estwing

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