Kaitiaki Farm Weekend: 28th-29th November

This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in holistic land management and eco design on one of New Zealand’s premier permaculture farms.

The weekend includes: farm tour; market gardening; fruit tree care; managing goats in a browse-based system; kune kune pigs in orchards; tractoring fowl in land management; climate-resilient farming; improving pasture health without heavy equipment or chemicals; stream corridor restoration; native plantings; water management; setting up a plant nursery; identifying niche markets; disease-resistant fruit trees; growing avocados in marginal conditions. Plus: solar cooking; rocket stoves;  important considerations about grey water and compost toilets; Building-Code compliant sleep-outs and tiny homes.

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 4.35.17 pm

Kaitiaki Farm is a  5.1 hectare (13 acre) property located 4 km outside Whanganui, New Zealand. We operate as a mixed-use operation leveraging niche markets for annual crops, perennial crops, nursery trees and animals.

Saturday 28th November, 1 pm – Sunday 29th November, 4 pm. Meals included. (We can help find local accommodation.)

$170 per person

Spaces are strictly limited. Registration essential. theecoschool@gmail.com

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