Programmes @ Kaitiaki Farm

2022 Workshop Schedule

Best Options for Home Renovation
July 3rd, 1 – 4. $50
This workshop covers the most cost effective choices to manage moisture and warmth in NZ homes. Topics include: glazing options; insulation levels; appropriate ventilation; subfloor moisture; drainage; best curtains and blinds; heating and cooling; moving warmth around a home. 


Hands-On with Poplar Poles & Tree Lucerne (Tagasaste)

July 10th, 1-4: pm. $35 (Includes afternoon tea)

Poplars and tagasaste are the fastest and cheapest ways to get sizeable trees established on your land.

Both are fast-growing, drought resistant and inexpensive to buy.

Both respond well to pruning and make great stock fodder.

This hands-on workshop includes planting poplar poles and propagating tree lucerne from seed. Price includes afternoon tea.

Managing stormwater around the home and on the land

July 17th, 1-4 pm. 

This workshop focuses on affordability and practicality, offering multiple examples. 
* The first session focuses on drainage around residential dwellings. 
* The second session focuses on land drainage on difficult sites. 
$20 for each session or both for $30. 


Brown Bag – Green Home
27th July, 12-1. FREE
Whanganui Learning Centre, 232 Wicksteed St.
BYO lunch and learn about the best options for home retrofit and renovation. 
Funding provided by ACE Aotearoa

Pruning Fruit Trees
27th July, 1-2. FREE
Whanganui Learning Centre, 232 Wicksteed St.
Outdoor workshop pruning pip fruit and stone fruit. 
​Funding provided by ACE Aotearoa

Kaitiaki Farm Weekend

October 15-16

Saturday afternoon: Farm Tour of Gardens, Intensive Orchards, & Farm Buildings (Permaculture Zones 1-2). Includes integrating farm foul into fruit & veg production and what are the best tools to use for low-input/high performance systems.

Sunday morning: Farm Tour of Paddocks and Hillsides, Non-Intensive Orchards, Stream Restoration, Bush Restoration, and Browse Block (Permaculture Zones 3-5). Includes water management, preventing slips, managing gorse, integrating poplar and willow, managing goats and kunekune pigs.

Sunday afternoon: Eco Design/Build for Sleep Outs, Tiny Homes, Minor Dwellings. Includes passive solar design, ‘super-wall’, retrofit double-glazing, building code changes, wastewater compliance, compost toilets.

Choose any combination: $50 each or $130 for all. (Couples $240)

Meals and accommodation also available – please enquire.


Permaculture Design Certificate Internship

11th October, 8 weeks.

Details here:

Building Your Building Skills

November TBD

Permaculture Design Certificate

January, 2023, Dates TBD