Hedge Against Inflation

We’ve been practicing a form of permaculture we call “Eco-Thrifty” at our two homes in Whanganui for well over a decade. When we started our first blog in 2010 we thought the idea would catch on. It didn’t.

Twelve years later we are still at it and are reaping the harvests of avoiding the inevitable price rises in food and energy. Despite heading into winter and some seriously crazy weather, our farm is thriving and producing plenty of healthy kai while resisting the ravages of climate change.

Here is a visual update from yesterday.

Jerusalem artichoke off just two plants among hundreds.
Guavas tart and full of vitamin C to stay healthy.
Persimmons – my favourite!
Plenty of leafy greens.
These are apples in storage.
More vitamin-C-on-a-tree
Plenty of avocado trees laden with fruit.
Speaking of trees, here are some natives along with tree lucerne in a corner of our nursery.
Planted a few hundred garlic yesterday.
Found this little girl first thing yesterday morning.
Watched this kid being born yesterday afternoon.
And still had time for yoga.

Not bad for a blustery Sunday in June.

Peace, Estwing