Permaculture Productivity

The growing season here on Kaitiaki Farm has been fantastic so far. Plenty of rain and plenty of sunshine have resulted in abundant yields in the orchards, paddocks and gardens.

At the moment we’re flush with plums, goat’s milk, avocados, zucchinis, green beans , silverbeet, and eggs among other things. We’ve been busy preserving plums, making cheese, and freezing green beans.

We’ve got a great group of permaculture interns helping with all this and enjoying the fresh, healthy kai.

*One note, however, our garlic season was a bit ordinary because of a fungal disease on the leaves.

We’re also looking forward to forthcoming abundance in basil, potatoes, pumpkins, chokos, peaches, apples, feijoas, pears, persimmons and citrus.

Peace, Estwing

And piglets born this week!

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