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Grow With Love

Update on my life: Mr. Veg and I had a romantic reunion at our friends’ Dave and Heather’s lakeside wedding, I passed my written test at the RMV and am now allowed to drive in the USA (with a licensed adult), I have scoured FMIL Veg’s house and barn for wedding items, and thanks to the Salvation Army Mr. Veg finally has something to wear to the wedding.

And now I find myself with a few minutes of down time so I thought I’d keep good on my promise to delve into more detail about our seed packet favors. I’ll let you read the story behind them for yourselves, but I’ll give you a little background on the steps involved.

We bought all seeds in bulk from The Territorial Seed Company. They were very friendly and helpful on the phone. The seed packets from Territorial are so cute that I contemplated using theirs, but buying the seeds in packets is substantially more expensive than buying them in bulk. Like 10x more expensive. So, of course, we went the DIY route.

I designed the packets on good old trusty MS Word with fonts downloaded from DaFont.I then went on an odyssey to find the right paper. It was important to me that the paper was 100% recycled and bleach free, but also that it was thin enough to fold and glue easily. Trust me, if you’re thinking about folding and glueing 160 envelopes, find the thinnest paper available. So I looked in every office supply and craft store I could think of, but kept coming up empty handed. The best I could find was Paper source paper for about 30 cents per sheet. That seemed awfully expensive.

Finally, I stopped in an art supply store near where my sister lived and found handmade paper that was 100% recycled for only $8 per pack. I bought two packs and the lady gave me a 40% discount with a coupon she had behind the counter. Woo hoo! And the best part was that it was already cut in half vertically (hot dog style, not hamburger), so it saved me a bit of time. When do you ever find 4 x 11 paper? Perfect. I love when things like that happen.

So anyway, I know you’ve already seen this picture, but here is the end result.

10 days out now. Yee haw!


I crack myself up.

I’m writing this post while my nieces are down for a nap, so it’s going to be short and sweet with lots of pics. Hope that’s ok. Getting anything done with a two and three year old around is pretty much impossible. Don’t even get me started about the disaster that was “helping” Aunt Veggie plant the centerpieces yesterday. That’s a whole ‘nother post.

OK, so I’ve been knocking off wedding projects left and right this week and last night was boutonniere night. Supplies: 2 packages of feathers (pheasant and quail) for about $2.50 each. One bunch of dried yellow flowers about $5. One stem of fake pussy willow about $2.50. One role of floral tape and one spool of floral wire, which will both get used again for bouquet making.

I have no prior bout-making experience, so I kind of just went for it. Here was my first attempt:

I liked it, but it was a bit poufy at the bottom and the feather stem wasn’t quite long enough to stay in well. So I made some adjustments including trimming the down off of the feathers a bit, and wrapping a piece of floral wire around the base of the feathers. I didn’t get any pictures of these steps, but when trimming the down poufy bit at the bottom, I tried to just follow the natural line of the feather. You can kind of see what I mean in the left bout in this after photo.I twisted about 2 inches of floral wire around the stem of the feathers and crimped it closed with a pair of pliers. This really helped me have more length to wrap the tape around and made them bendable, and easier to position at the end. I read about adding toothpicks or other hard bits in with the stems to make them stronger, but the dried flowers were sturdy enough, so I didn’t need to add anything.

I made 10 total, for groomsmen, ringbearer, and dads and it took me about two hours. The only thing I have to do now is wrap some nice ribbon to cover the tape and find long pins. With each completed project I feel just a little more relieved.

You may have gone too far if…

…after searching the internet for hours for pictures that sum up how you want your tables and lighting to look, you decide that none can accurately express your vision and you sit down with your trusty MS Word and create something like this:

Umm, yeah. I’ve clearly fallen over the edge of the bridal abyss. Time to come back to reality.

(On the other hand. I’m getting really excited about how the tables will look. Grey things= mason jars from FMIL Veggie’s barn. Blue things= vintage bottles that my sisters and I dug up in our backyard when we were little. Cylinders= Canned Veggies. Globes= Home made lanterns. Strung lights= Cafe lights if I can miraculously find them for free, or christmas lights.)

When did you know you had gone too far?

Adding Greenery without adding Green

Veggie sis Kale and I spent a marathon wedding skype session yesterday talking about wedding details that need actioning, need revising, and some that hadn’t even crossed my radar screen yet. Don’t you love older sisters? They’re so organized and handy.

One thing Veggie Sis Kale brought up was a back-up plan for centerpieces in case our flower growers came up a bit empty handed. I don’t mean to doubt the fabulous efforts of our flower team, but stuff happens. Hurricanes. Frosts. Drought. Forgetfulness. Wilting. All of these things could majorly effect the outcome of our home-grown lovelies.

While perusing the internet later that day I think I found a good solution that can supplement our flowers, uses recycled materials, is cheap, and is doable in the short 7 weeks that I will have in the U.S. before our wedding.

Bingo. How cute are these?

Hooray for beautiful edible greenery. Arrugula, chard, lettuce, yum. If I plant them right when I get home I can definitely have some lettuces, chards, and possibly some herbs by wedding day. They are pretty small, so packing them into boxes and driving them up to camp shouldn’t be a problem. And, if our guests get a little hungry and feel the need to add some roughage to their diets, they can dig in during the reception.

To make them a little less fiesta-y and a little more “our wedding-y”, I’m thinking about wrapping them in paper like this. I could even try to find an old horticulture book with fun diagrams to wrap them in.

Sweet. One issue dealt with. Or rather, planned to be dealt with. About a million to go.

Equinox Flower Thoughts

We’re quickly approaching the equinox, which for us means that its getting harder and harder to get out of bed and go for a surf in the chilly mornings, but for those of you on the other side of the world, it means spring is coming! Which means, I really need to start thinking about what kind of flowers I want. Pronto.

We still have 5 months until the wedding, why so early? Because we are hoping that our talented friends and family will be able to grow us all of the flowers we need for the wedding. Which means said flowers need to be planted. Which means this veggie farmer needs to start thinking blooms.

Looking back I see that I went about this process in the complete wrong order. You see I scoped out ideas, fell in love with certain flowers, and then figured out what they were called and when they were in season. This whole process involved some mild heartbreak when I found out that peonies and ranunculus (two of my faves) will definitely not be in bloom in the Eastern U.S. in August. I probably should’ve found a list of what is in bloom, then picked some off of that that I loved. Oh well… live and learn.

Here were the inspiration for my flower choices: (You knew I’d have an inspiration board or two for you).
Sources: Top: Left, Center, Right; Middle: Left, Left-Center, Right-Center, Right; Bottom: Left, Center, Right

Sources: Top: Left, Center, Right; Middle: Left, Center; Bottom: Left, Center, Right

And here are the blooms that are involved in making these dreams come true:
Sources: Phlox, Brassica, Aster, Craspedia, Chrysanthemum, Zinnia, Peony, Dahlia, Poppy, Garlic Scape, Ranunculus

Yep, included in that list are brassica (cabbage) and garlic flowers. What would a veggie wedding be without some veggie blooms?

Luckily after researching what is in bloom, almost all of these are possible. We’ll probably need to say goodbye to peony and ranunculus, but I’m still holding out hope for late blooming varieties that might be grown by our guests coming from Maine and New Hampshire. Garlic scapes are also an early summer flower, but here’s hoping that one of our creative friends finds a way to set some back (Piling snow on top of the garlic bed? Planting them in shade?).

There are some drawbacks to our approach to flowers. Will we know ahead of time what our centerpieces and bouquets will look like? No. Will we have to spend time the day of putting it all together? Yes. Will I have strict creative control over how it all turns out? No. But we’re O.K. with all that. For us, the upsides: no money spent, the love of our friends and family going into our big day, and a low carbon footprint, definitely outweigh all the drawbacks.

How did you decide on which flowers you wanted to be included in your wedding? Are you including any non-traditional flowers?