Adding Greenery without adding Green

Veggie sis Kale and I spent a marathon wedding skype session yesterday talking about wedding details that need actioning, need revising, and some that hadn’t even crossed my radar screen yet. Don’t you love older sisters? They’re so organized and handy.

One thing Veggie Sis Kale brought up was a back-up plan for centerpieces in case our flower growers came up a bit empty handed. I don’t mean to doubt the fabulous efforts of our flower team, but stuff happens. Hurricanes. Frosts. Drought. Forgetfulness. Wilting. All of these things could majorly effect the outcome of our home-grown lovelies.

While perusing the internet later that day I think I found a good solution that can supplement our flowers, uses recycled materials, is cheap, and is doable in the short 7 weeks that I will have in the U.S. before our wedding.

Bingo. How cute are these?

Hooray for beautiful edible greenery. Arrugula, chard, lettuce, yum. If I plant them right when I get home I can definitely have some lettuces, chards, and possibly some herbs by wedding day. They are pretty small, so packing them into boxes and driving them up to camp shouldn’t be a problem. And, if our guests get a little hungry and feel the need to add some roughage to their diets, they can dig in during the reception.

To make them a little less fiesta-y and a little more “our wedding-y”, I’m thinking about wrapping them in paper like this. I could even try to find an old horticulture book with fun diagrams to wrap them in.

Sweet. One issue dealt with. Or rather, planned to be dealt with. About a million to go.

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