PDC – Post #3 Fairies and Mustaches (Perma-tainment)

Pearl (9 yrs old): Wow mom they look like fairies!
Dani: Tinkerbell wouldn’t sing this song.

Yes… those lyrics were “I don’t need irrigation help, when I want to grow stuff I mulch myself”. Did you catch the line about N,K, and P (Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus)? Reediculous.

Who is that 70’s porn star reciting Nelson’s poetry?

2 thoughts on “PDC – Post #3 Fairies and Mustaches (Perma-tainment)”

  1. Hey Dani, I laughed and laughed when I saw this live, it’s even funnier when you can play it over a few times! I have bookmarked it so I can use it to lighten my mood whenever I need it. Do you have a video of the Dr Keyline skit? I’d love to see what those two were up to while I had my eyes closed!

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