New Year – New Ducks

We have ducklings! Estwing took me on a surprise trip yesterday to the outskirts of town to pick up an early birthday present. We came home with a box full of chirping little pooh-filled dumplings of cuteness. I’ll stop talking and get right to the pictures, since I know that’s what you’re after.

For now they’re living in a bathtub in our future dining room.

We built them a pen outside, but they escaped. Cunning little buggers. We found them nuzzled up under the willow tree while a hungry cat lurked nearby. We’ll have to modify it today to be a bit more duck proof.

Our ducks are Muscovy Ducks, which will grow up to be not too cute at all. But for the time being, they are ridiculous. For now they seem to just poop and eat and chirp at inconvenient times. But eventually they will help control pests in our garden, give us fertilizer, and provide us with edible eggs. Here’s hoping we picked three females!

We have some names picked out already, but are open to suggestions. Any thoughts?

-June Cleverer

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