Try this at home.

Dear America,
The people of New Zealand would like to share with you the latest energy-saving technology: the solar-powered clothes dryer. It comes in many different sizes, shapes and automated settings. Also available in wireless. Free shipping. Price includes GST.
Love, NZ
Out our back windows, I can count 7 clothes lines within view. Every single one of our neighbors has one. (If you do not believe me, go on Google Earth. 10 Arawa Place, Castlecliff, Wanaganui.) They include:



Under the porch.

In the car port.

The double! (Below: with security system.)

Now that we have our second-hand F & P washing machine and our second-hand laundry tub, we need to decide which of these diverse models to choose from.

And you too, America, can take part in this exciting new technology. Yes you CAN, try this at home. (Batteries not included.)
Peace, and shine on, Estwing