It is hard to believe that we’ve been onto this for nearly six months. But the first blast of Antarctic wind yesterday put an end to the ‘Indian Summer’ and foretold of days to come. A neighbor called it a “lazy wind.” “Doesn’t bother going around you. It goes right through.”

We spent time on the weekend further transitioning our garden from summer mode to winter mode. This included harvesting basil…

…and seeding carrots, boc choi and chives.

We also made time to save bean seeds for next year.

And we even had enough surplus for the first time to give some greens away to our neighbors.

The productivity has been amazing. This tagasaste tree was up to my knee 6 months ago when we planted it, and now it’s over my head.

The whole place has blossomed from an abandoned wreck into a home.

Life has been bountiful here at Arawa Place.

And when life gives you basil…

make pesto!

Peace, and pass the pine nuts, Estwing