Hold the Brushes!

Thank you, Stacey, for commenting on the color scheme post. We have not yet made a decision. J.C. painted some swatches on the wall so we could get a better idea.

And then I brought over the flue for the Kiwiana coal range and one of the lead light cabinet doors.

Sample A

Sample B

And then we made a happy discovery. The gold curtains are not long enough to cover the French doors.

And we want to make sure that the French door curtains match those over the bench top which is along the same wall.

And so, the moral of the story is: Although the gold curtains were a good deal ($62 for 5 matching pairs), when compared to the time and effort and expense of painting, the formula changes. We can still use the gold curtains elsewhere in the house, or sell them on Trade Me. The key features of the kitchen will be: the Shacklock coal range, the lead light cabinet doors and the large hutch.

We will choose paint and curtain colors based on these three. Any suggestions?

Peace, Estwing

One thought on “Hold the Brushes!”

  1. I think now that the curtains are out of the equation you should consider a contrasting color to the green and blue, maybe a pale yellow, gold, or grey. I think adding a color that complements both the aqua and the blue will tie the stove and doors together, more than a third shade of blue.

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