As farmland in the US is transformed into lakes and heathlands in England are transformed into charcoal, I thought we might highlight some positive transformations on Arawa Place. Recognize this image?

Now it looks like this.

And that old framing became…

…the back steps.

And some may recall an early picture of our lovely lounge…

…which now looks like this.

We removed all of the rotten studs and re-framed the entire wall, put in a new (second hand) window, and built a pelmet from a beautiful piece of native wood which had been a barge board on the exterior.

And with the curtains drawn.

Ah, the memories.

We’ve also started to transform some of the old rusticated weather boards…

…into pelmets. I find this one particularly attractive.

Ah, too many more images to show in one post. We’ll post more soon. Until then, please go out and transform your world for the better.

Peace, and change we can believe in, Estwing

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