4-Dimensional Design: Master Class

4-Dimensional Design: Master Class

23rd April, 2020

Kaitiaki Farm, Whanganui

On our farm it takes a month to cut down a tree, six months to build a garden bed, and two years to plant avocados.

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Before and After

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Building Beds

Time is the 4th dimension, and using it to our advantage saves effort, money, and fossil fuels while establishing and operating highly efficient and regenerative systems. Designing in 4 dimensions maximizes the value of available resources and minimizes waste as well as the need for heavy equipment and a fat wallet. It’s working smarter instead of harder.

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In five years we have transformed a worn-out horse property into a fully integrated permaculture farm on a shoestring budget and essentially without the burning of fossil fuels. We engage a regenerative approach to food production on 5.1 hectares on the outskirts of Whanganui.

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The programme includes: water management; soil enhancement; wind protection; animal management; annual gardening; successional planning; integrating systems; off-farm inputs and outputs; other stuff we do.

1 pm to 5:30 pm. Afternoon tea included. $55 p/p, $85 couples.

Dinner and overnight accommodation available before the PINZ Annual Hui.

Register: theecoschool@gmail.com