Free Programmes 2022 – 2023

We’re excited to be working with Horizons Regional Council and the Whanganui Learning Centre to develop a programme based around community climate resilience in the areas of whare, whenua, and whanau.

2022-2023 Schedule

These events are free for residents of the Horizons region.
Partial funding comes from Horizons Regional Council.
Spaces limited. Register:

Family meet-up: Bike, Bus to the Beach
January 7th, 11:00-3:00
Two-wheeled hikoi from the city bridge to Castlecliff Beach, or take the bus from Trafalgar Square. Then a big play day in the sand! (Bus leaves Trafalgar Square at 11:45 and leaves Castlecliff at 3:00.)

The Low-Carbon – High Efficiency – Affordable Home
January 15th, 2:00-4:00. Registration essential.
This workshop helps demystify the home-building process for climate resilience and affordability. Topics include passive solar design, super-insulation, high performance windows, and where to claw back cost savings. 

Keeping Cool During a Heat Wave
January 18th, 5:30-7:00
Whanganui Learning Centre, 232 Wicksteed St.
Too hot to sleep? We’ll share some ideas on how to keep your home as cool as possible without breaking the bank. 

Family meet-up
January 22nd, 12:30-2:00

Meet at the Silver Ball sculpture on the riverbank.

Join us for a fun walk around the Great Whanganui Play Trail. Feel free to stay later for a dance party at the Riverside Shindig event.

Love Your Land Day
16 February, 10 – 2:30. Registration essential.
Come along for a farm tour and speakers. BYO Lunch. 
Topics include: holistic land management; regenerative agriculture; riparian corridors; bush restoration; growing browse for stock; carbon credits; more

Building Resilience on Your Land
April TBD. Registration essential.

Healthy Homes for Healthcare & Social Workers
April/May TBC
Whanganui Regional Health Network
This programme helps  healthcare and social workers to empower families improve the health and comfort of their homes. 
Register with Angela Weekly at the Whanganui Regional Health Network.

Kia Kaha!

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